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 Religious teacher in Tasikmalaya admits to molesting 27 students

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BerichtOnderwerp: Religious teacher in Tasikmalaya admits to molesting 27 students    zo 9 nov 2014 - 21:36

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta, Sunday November 09 2014,

Asep Kamaludin, 25, a religious teacher in Kampung Nagrog, Padasuka village, Sukarame district, Tasikmalaya, who was recently reported to police, has claimed responsibility for sexually abusing 27 male students.

Asep said he had sexually abused his students since 2008 and said his acts were retaliation for a crime he experienced as a child.

“I was once sodomized by a young man in my kampung [neighborhood] when I was a child,” he said as quoted by at the Tasikmalaya Police headquarters on Saturday.

Asep, who was working as a religious teacher in an Islamic elementary school and at an Islamic junior high school, taught his victims to recite Koranic verses. He usually perpetrated the crimes at his house after recitations of the Koran. “I began to molest boys when I was a university student,” said Asep who recently obtained his bachelor's degree.

Asep said the acts usually occurred after asking students to stay overnight at his house for additional lessons. “I required them to spend the night at my house every weekend for an additional Koran recitation lesson,” said Asep.

Asep said he threatened to injure or do other bad things to his victims if he ever found out they had reported the rape to their parents. He also promised to give his students good grades.

YA, one of the rape victims, said Asep asked him to stay overnight at his house. In the middle of the night, Asep approached YA and asked the student to come to his sleeping room. “I was told to open my cloth and lay [on the bed],” said YA, adding that he did not dare resist Asep, who threatened him during the sexual abuse.

Head of the women's and children protection unit at the Tasikmalaya Police’s crime investigation division, Second Insp. Wahyu Hidayat, said the police had received reports from two parents whose children had been reportedly been raped by Asep, on Nov. 4. "They are all elementary school boys," he said. Asep is being detained at the Tasikmalaya Police headquarters for further investigation.

( I hope they apply the punnishment under Sharia to this low-life) siK's comment
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Religious teacher in Tasikmalaya admits to molesting 27 students
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