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 Bantul to close illegal fishponds

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BerichtOnderwerp: Bantul to close illegal fishponds   za 15 nov 2014 - 21:48

The Jakarta Post, Yogyakarta, Saturday November 15 2014

The administration of Bantul regency, Yogyakarta, is to close hundreds of illegal fishponds operating in the region’s southern coastal area starting next month.

The regency administration’s secretary, Riyantono, said that the move was the result of . an agreement between the Bantul administration and the Yogyakarta Palace; fishpond employers had been informed.

“We have been informing them about the plan to close the fishponds for several months and given them until the end of this year to achieve break even point before the closure,” Riyantono said.

Hundreds of fishponds have been built on the Sultan’s Ground field along Bantul’s coast. Many considered the fishponds harmful as they were built by converting the casuarina forest that had functioned as a green barrier for the region

(Hmm, I can't see anything about how these fish-farmers are going to earn their daily cup of rice now that they are going to lose their ponds! Hip-hip hooray for the Bantul Recency Administration and the Palace in Yogyakarta for restoring the "green belt" I wonder if they would like a helping of casuarina goreng instead of their ikan lele?) siK' comment

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Bantul to close illegal fishponds
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