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 64 drug traffickers to be executed

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BerichtOnderwerp: 64 drug traffickers to be executed   do 4 dec 2014 - 8:26

ANTARA News 3 Desember 2014

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Vice-President Jusuf Kalla has confirmed that the government will go ahead with the execution of 64 drug traffickers who have been sentenced to death by court.

"Yes, we will carry it out. We do not like it but the government will strictly implement the court ruling after carrying out all step-by-step procedures right from a district court to the supreme court. None of the 64 convicts have been pardoned. They will be executed in accordance with the law," he said after attending a ministerial-level meeting to discuss issues related to narcotics here on Wednesday.

The Vice-President stated that the problem of narcotics and other illegal drugs was an international issue that needed cooperation from all sides as well as strict law enforcement.

"It is like a virus or terrorism. Terrorism must be stopped through cross-border cooperation. If cooperation is non-existent and law enforcement is different from country to country, then perpetrators may go to safer regions with softer laws. In view of that, cross-border cooperation is needed," he observed.

Kalla reminded that in 2015, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will be integrated into the ASEAN Community after which cross-border traffic will increase.

"Our borders will become highly vulnerable; so, anticipatory measures must be taken. I know there are a lot of methods to deal with problems, but, one day, perhaps we may share a common method that can be overcome in Indonesia, Thailand or Cambodia through effective action. A common method is needed because narcotics is a high-level business," he pointed out.

Citing the business principle of higher risk, higher profit, the Vice-President cautioned that narcotics dealers will do everything they can to rake more profit from the illegal business.

"They will be ready to take any risk to achieve their goal. Our aim is to fight them and weaken their power," he added.

Kalla noted he will not want to see narcotics distribution in the ASEAN region like in some South American countries.

"We certainly do not want to see the ASEAN region become like South America where all systems, including the police force, government, military, and common people, have been infected. To prevent such as situation from developing here, cooperation must be initiated," he urged

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64 drug traffickers to be executed
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