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 Missing Indonesians ‘have not joined IS’: Kalla

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BerichtOnderwerp: Missing Indonesians ‘have not joined IS’: Kalla    di 10 maa 2015 - 22:51

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta, Tue, March 10 2015,

Vice President Jusuf Kalla has said he does not believe that 16 Indonesian citizens reported missing in Turkey last month have joined the Islamic State (IS) group.

“I don’t believe that they’ve joined IS. Do you really think they could join IS and bring their wives and children with them to the battlefield? Oh, come on. It’s got to be something else. I imagine they’re somewhere else,” he said as quoted by Antara in Jakarta on Tuesday.

The Vice President later urged government authorities, especially the Foreign Ministry and National Intelligence Agency (BIN), to seek complete information on the whereabouts of the 16 Indonesian citizens.

Kalla reasserted that the Indonesian government firmly opposed IS. “We do not support Indonesian people who want to join the movement. It’s not in line with the principles of our country and religion,” he said.

Kalla said that to determine the whereabouts of the “missing” Indonesian citizens, authorities must investigate the chronology of their tour schedule and which regions they all came from. He added that the government could not yet issue any warnings to Indonesians wishing to travel abroad.

“It’s not confirmed yet that they are missing. It’s possible they’ve gone on a tour somewhere else,” he said.

Sixteen Indonesian citizens were reported to have lost contact with their travel group as soon as they arrived at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, on Feb. 24.

They were supposed to meet eight other tour participants on Feb. 26 to continue their travel.

When contacted, one of the 16 Indonesians told the tour leader to continue the tour without them. Subsequently, the 16 could not be contacted.

On Feb. 28, the Indonesian consulate general in Istanbul received a “missing person” report from the travel agent.

On March 3, the day all of the tour participants were scheduled to return to Indonesia, the AWOL group did not show up at the airport.

(Tjonge, me thinks pak Kalla better dust off his crystal ball for another good look, either that or get a longer thumb to suck on.
He's got one part nearly right, and no those jihadis dont take their families out on their murderous forays where they commit just about everything that is against the Quran, no their families stay behind in more or less secure areas under isil control and provide daddy with all the comforts from home upon his return--God forbid--) siK.


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Missing Indonesians ‘have not joined IS’: Kalla
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