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 OPM Commander Committed to Armed Struggle in Papua: Relative

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BerichtOnderwerp: OPM Commander Committed to Armed Struggle in Papua: Relative   zo 29 maa 2015 - 0:43

The Jakarta Globe, Mar 27, 2015

Jayapura. A leader of the Free Papua Movement has not “surrendered” to the Indonesian military and remains committed to armed struggled over Jakarta’s occupation of Papua, a relative of Goliath Tabuni told the Jakarta Globe.

“[Thursday] afternoon when I was in Nabire, Goliath Tabuni called me and reiterated that he and followers have not surrendered to join the Republic of Indonesia,” Deerd Tabuni, a Papuan politician and relative of Goliath told the Jakarta Globe.

“[Goliath] is still consistent with his fight for an independent Papua,” Deerd said.

Deerd said that Goliath had rejected that 23 OPM members had turned themselves in to the Indonesian military or police.

“[Goliath says] ‘They are not my followers; they are civilians. I don’t understand why TNI calls them my followers’,” Deerd said Goliath had told him.

Previously Brig. Gen. Tatang Sulaiman, chief of staff of the Cendrawasih military command said Goliath, his family and some of his followers had turned themselves in to authorities and renounced the struggle against Indonesian rule over Papua.

Tatang said Goliath had requested the military build him and his family a honai, or traditional Papuan home, in Tinginambut district, where the OPM leader has been operating.

Shortly after Tatang released his statement, Cendrawasih military commander Maj.Gen. Fransen. G. Siahaan issued an extraordinary retraction.

Fransen said it was true that 23 OPM members had surrendered but Goliath was not among them.

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OPM Commander Committed to Armed Struggle in Papua: Relative
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