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 Graft taints PDI-P congress

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BerichtOnderwerp: Graft taints PDI-P congress    vr 10 apr 2015 - 6:19

The Jakarta Post, Sanur, Bali, Friday April 10 2015

Anxiety coursed through members of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) elite on Friday, the second day of the party's national congress, after PDI-P politician Adriyansah was caught red-handed by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) accepting bribes, allegedly from a member of the National Police, early on Thursday evening.

Executive Pramono Anung Wibowo confirmed that Adriyansah, a lawmaker from the House of Representatives Commission IV overseeing agriculture, plantations, maritime affairs, fisheries and food, was the suspect, emphasizing that " The PDI-P will not provide legal aid if he was proven guilty".

PDI-P members from Ambon were relieved to discover that early reports implicating PDI-P Maluku branch chairman Adrian Huwae were false.

"I received countless phone calls, particularly from my supporters at home, asking for clarification about ast night. It was not me who was arrested. I am here," Edwin announced at the Inn Grand Bali Beach Hotel.

"I really hope Bu Eva will officially clarify the misunderstanding to settle everything," he added, referring to PDI-P politician Eva Kusuma Sundari, who reportedly misquoted Edwin's name in response to reporters' queries in the early hours on Friday.

The KPK has arrested Adriyansah for allegedly misusing his power to issue an illegal mining permit in his capacity as Tanah Laut regent in South Kalimantan.

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Graft taints PDI-P congress
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