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 Lone Gunman Stands Up to FBR Goon Squad

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BerichtOnderwerp: Lone Gunman Stands Up to FBR Goon Squad   za 11 apr 2015 - 9:10

The Jakarta Globe, Apr 10, 2015

Jakarta. Around a hundred members of the notorious quasi-militant gang Betawi Brotherhood Forum, or FBR, late Thursday night stormed a house east of Jakarta belonging to a man they accused of threatening one of its leaders with a toy assault rifle.

Police rushed to the scene to evacuate the occupant, identified as Gumay.

Sahrul, who claims to be the Greater Jakarta leader of the FBR, said he was driving his car on Jalan Bintara Jaya in West Bekasi with three FBR members at around 6 p.m. when the car nearly collided with Gumay, who was on a motorcycle.

The two then got into an argument, both claiming innocence and accusing the other of reckless driving.

During the heated argument, Gumay opened his bag and pulled out what appeared to be a handgun, Sahrul said.

“I automatically backed away,” he added.

Gumay continued on his motorcycle, but Sahrul ordered one of his men to follow him home, before instructing FBR members to storm the home.

“At his home [Gumay] pulled out an AK-47 and threatened to shoot us all,” Sahrul said.

Police arrived at the scene after being alerted by neighbors.

They brought in Gumay for his own safety as well as for questioning. Officers also confiscated his firearms, which were found to be harmless replicas.

FBR members have been known to run protection rackets when not moonlighting as a rent-a-mob. Members often clash with other groups over territories, namely with the Betawi Communication Forum (Forkabi) and Pancasila Youth, or PP

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Lone Gunman Stands Up to FBR Goon Squad
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