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 Nusakambangan inmate controls drug distribution from inside prison walls

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BerichtOnderwerp: Nusakambangan inmate controls drug distribution from inside prison walls   wo 15 apr 2015 - 22:50

The Jakarta Post, Semarang, Wed, April 15 2015,

The Central Java chapter of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has disclosed a narcotics distribution network controlled by an inmate, identified only by the initials AF, who is currently serving a sentence at a narcotics correctional facility on the Nusakambangan prison island in Cilacap, Central Java, a senior official says.

The agency’s head Brig. Gen Amrin Remico said the network was revealed after BNN officers arrested SS, a suspected dealer of shabu-shabu (crystal methamphetamine), in an operation in Sukoharjo, Central Java, on April 9.

“From the suspect, we confiscated 84.9 grams of shabu-shabu. SS had only five grams when he was arrested while the remainder was hidden in his boarding house in Talang Banaran village, Grogol district, Sukoharjo regency,” said Amrin.

He further explained that during the raid, BNN officials found 14 packages of shabu-shabu weighing five grams each. They also found one larger package of shabu-shabu weighing 19.9 grams.

During an interrogation, Amrin said, SS claimed that he distributed the drugs under the instruction of AF, an inmate convicted on a drug trafficking charge currently serving his sentence at a narcotics correctional facility on Nusakambangan.

SS said he was ordered to receive a package containing shabu-shabu from a courier. AF later asked him to divide it into smaller packages and distribute them.

“SS distributed the drugs by putting them in a certain location based on orders. Once finished, SS reported his work to AF. They communicated via cell phones,” said Amrin.

On April 9, BNN officials also caught red-handed EK, who had five grams of shabu-shabu, in Semarang. Almost at the same time, another drug dealer, identified only with the initials HR, was arrested in Surakarta with five grams of shabu-shabu.

Based on the findings, BNN and the Law and Human Rights Ministry’s Central Java office officials raided AF’s cell on Nusakambangan. They found cell phones he used to communicate with his men, controlling his narcotics businesses.

“We picked up AF and handed him over to Kedungpane penitentiary in Semarang to make it easier for us to proceed with his legal process,” said Amrin

(Security at the Indonesian jails seem to be a joke, there appears to be more crime (corruption among prison staff etc) at the jails than outside, high time to tighten up, or forget about it alltogether) siK*

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Nusakambangan inmate controls drug distribution from inside prison walls
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