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 Indonesian customs foil multiple attempts to smuggle 15 kgs meth

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BerichtOnderwerp: Indonesian customs foil multiple attempts to smuggle 15 kgs meth   vr 17 apr 2015 - 2:01

From Antara, 16 April 2015

Tangerang  - The Soekarno-Hatta International Airports customs and excise officers have foiled eight attempts to smuggle a total of 15,809 grams of methamphetamine worth Rp31 billion into Indonesia during the past two months.

The eight separate smuggling attempts involved a Kenyan, seven Indonesians, and three Hong Kong citizens, Head of the Soekarno-Hatta Customs and Excise Office Okto Irianto stated here, Wednesday.

Citizens of Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Kenya attempted to smuggle the meth, which came from Malaysia, China (Shenzen), and Dubai.

The first case, which occurred on March 13, 2015, involved 198 grams of meth worth Rp384 million. The officers detained three Indonesian citizens arriving from Malaysia.

On April 2, the officers foiled a smuggling attempt involving 5,046 grams of meth worth Rp10 billion and arrested an Indonesian arriving from China.

The next day, April 3, two Indonesians flying from Malaysia were arrested for attempting to smuggle in 444 grams of meth valued at Rp888 million.

On April 8, an Indonesian, arriving from Kuala Lumpur, was arrested for attempting to smuggle 103 grams of meth worth Rp406 million.

On the same day, the officers also managed to seize 1,058 grams of meth worth Rp2.1 billion from a Kenyan national.

On April 9, meth, weighing in at 2,988 grams and valued at Rp5.9 billion, was seized from a 19-year-old Hong Kong citizen. On the same day, officers also arrested another Hong Kong national for attempting to smuggle in 2,982 grams of meth worth Rp5.9 billion to Jakarta.

The last case also occurred on April 9, when the officers seized 2,996 grams worth Rp5.9 billion from a Hong Kong citizen.

In line with the existing laws, the suspects could face life imprisonment for attempting to smuggle in more than five grams of illicit drugs.

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Indonesian customs foil multiple attempts to smuggle 15 kgs meth
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