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 More evidence sought on new suspect

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BerichtOnderwerp: More evidence sought on new suspect    wo 24 jun 2015 - 3:41

The Jakarta Post, Denpasar, Wed, June 24 2015

The police have yet to name another suspect in the abuse and murder of 8-year-old Engeline Margret Megawe and continue to search for more evidence, including by using scientific methods, that could prove the involvement of a new suspect.

“We cannot name someone as a suspect only based on that statement [from Agus]. We should prove the involvement of another perpetrator based on the results of analysis of the evidence using scientific methods, so that we can obtain strong evidence to be presented in court,” Bali Police chief Insp. Gen. Ronny F. Sompie said Tuesday.

Ronny said that his officers were still focused on collecting and analyzing evidence and statements from Agustay “Agus” Hamda May — the first suspect named in the murder case — as well as from witnesses, to confirm the identity of another suspect in the homicide.

Ronny had previously announced that Agus’ latest statement that the child’s adoptive mother Margriet Christina Megawe was the one who killed Engeline had been analyzed using a lie detector and the results showed that the statement was reliable, but added that it should be strengthened by more evidence.

Meanwhile, Bali Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Hery Wiyanto added that the police were still waiting for the results from the forensic laboratory analyzing blood spots and fingerprints collected from Margriet’s house.

Hery said the police would also take blood samples from Engeline’s relatives, including Margriet’s biological daughter Yvonne Caroline Megawe.

He added that Margriet’s other daughter Christina Telly Megawe had also been questioned about her relationship with Engeline and what she knew about Agus, the family’s former domestic helper.

Separately, Margriet’s legal team said they had yet to be informed about the results of the analyses of the statements made by Agus and Margriet while connected to lie detectors.

“We could not comment about that as we have yet to be informed about the results of the analysis by the police,” lawyer Jefri Kam said.

He added that the team was now preparing witnesses that were in favor of Margriet to counter previous statements from witnesses saying that Margriet had committed violence against her adoptive daughter.

The three witnesses — Franky Alexander Maringka, Yuliet Christien and Lorraine Soriton — who all had been living in Margriet’s house, participated in a reenactment at the crime scene on Monday to illustrate the ways Margriet allegedly tortured the victim. These witnesses claimed that they often saw Margriet torturing the girl, including by beating her, pulling her hair and dragging her.

Engeline was found buried in the backyard of Margriet’s house on June 10. After she was reported missing on May 16, the missing child attracted public attention when the family created a Facebook page for Engeline called, “Find Engeline — Bali’s Missing Child”.

The police named Agus a suspect in the case several hours after the body was discovered, while Margriet has only been named as a suspect for neglecting her daughter.

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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: More evidence sought on new suspect    wo 24 jun 2015 - 8:50

No matter new suspects or not, the whole situation and case stinks as hell due to this "stepmother's bestialities" role towards little Angel.

Evil or Very Mad
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More evidence sought on new suspect
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