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 Jakarta Looking Into Claim That Islamic State Executed Indonesian Jihadist for ‘Spreading AIDS’

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BerichtOnderwerp: Jakarta Looking Into Claim That Islamic State Executed Indonesian Jihadist for ‘Spreading AIDS’   vr 26 jun 2015 - 8:08

From the Jakarta Globe, Jun 25, 2015

Jakarta. Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry says it cannot verify a report that an Indonesian jihadist fighting for the Islamic State has been executed by the group for infecting some of its members with AIDS.

The initial report, carried on Tuesday by the Syrian human rights group Sound and Picture, quoted an IS member in the group’s stronghold of Al Shadadi, in northeastern Syria, as saying that the group had traced back a chain of positive tests to “the immigrant who carries the Indonesian nationality, and that happened when he was donating blood at one of the IS hospitals.”

The militant said that the Indonesian fighter was known to have given his 15-year-old Yazidi slave girl, presumably kept for sex purposes, to a fellow fighter from Egypt. An investigation by IS later confirmed that both the Egyptian jihadist and the girl were infected.

The militant who spoke with an undercover reporter for Sound and Picture said two Saudi fighters who visited the Egyptian’s house, again presumably to have sex with the girl, were also found to be infected.

The investigation into who else might have contracted the virus was stopped when it was revealed that an IS emir, or senior commander, had also had sex with the slave girl.

Sound and Picture reported that the Indonesian member was subsequently sentenced to death for knowingly harming other IS members.

The report did not specify whether the Indonesian had already been put to death, but Britain’s Daily Mail, citing the same report, said on Tuesday that he had been “brutally executed.”

Arrmanatha Nasir, a spokesman for Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry, said in Jakarta on Thursday that the ministry had sought clarification from the British tabloid about the claim that an Indonesian had been executed.

“From our communications with the media outlet, [we concluded] there was no concrete verification of the report,” he said. “They didn’t have a name, a place or a date. They couldn’t give us any details.”

He also said Jakarta had been in touch with its missions in Damascus, Ankara and Istanbul to try and confirm the report, but to no avail.

An estimated 500 to 700 Indonesians have joined IS in its push for a caliphate spanning the Middle East, according to Arrmanatha.

“I can’t give you an exact number because those joining ISIS obviously don’t notify us,” he added.

(Well-well, it is either something that should have been posted under "believe it or not" or it is too good to be true, a senior isis commander and some lesser bajingan infected with aids, hope their heads have come off, but my heart goes out to that poor 15 year old Yazidi girl for having to go through such a hell, I hope for her sake that her suffering has come to a speedy end and Allah may have mercy on her soul) siK' comment

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Jakarta Looking Into Claim That Islamic State Executed Indonesian Jihadist for ‘Spreading AIDS’
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