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 N Sulawesi exports 8.9 tons of frozen fish to Netherlands

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BerichtOnderwerp: N Sulawesi exports 8.9 tons of frozen fish to Netherlands   vr 3 jul 2015 - 5:53

From Antara, 2 Juli 2015

Manado (ANTARA News) - North Sulawesi exported 8.9 tons of frozen fish to the Netherlands in late June, Head of the Foreign Trade Department of the Industries and Trade Office of the province T. Hasudungan Siregar said.

"North Sulawesi exported 8.9 tons frozen fish to the Netherlands, which earned the country US$64,343 in revenue," he stated here on Thursday.

Siregar added that the income from the export of frozen tuna to the Netherlands reflected North Sulawesis return to contributing to the maritime economy, with the government having implemented a policy on a moratorium on issuing ships licensing to fish.

In addition, he committed to enhancing the export of frozen fish from North Sulawesi with frequent shipping in considerable quantities.

According to Siregar, the demand for fresh and frozen fish from the Netherlands was quite high.

"Besides tuna, the community abroad is also interested in frozen cakalang. Nearly every week, North Sulawesis fisheries products are exported to European countries to meet the demand of the people," he affirmed.

Canned, fresh, frozen, and boxed fish are the primary products exported by North Sulawesi. In the last five years, the commodities generated more than 10 percent of North Sulawesis export value to various countries.

Besides the Netherlands, the province exports fisheries products to Germany, England and Belgium in Europe, Asian countries such as Korea, Taiwan and China, as well as several countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Moreover, the government will assist exporters in developing and improving the commodities to produce higher added value, he stated.

Siregar also pointed out that the quality of fish in North Sulawesi was better than that in other regions.

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N Sulawesi exports 8.9 tons of frozen fish to Netherlands
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