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 Thousands of cattle prepared for Idul Fitri

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BerichtOnderwerp: Thousands of cattle prepared for Idul Fitri    vr 10 jul 2015 - 0:09

The Jakarta Post, Pekanbaru, Thu, July 09 2015

The Pekanbaru Agriculture and Husbandry Agency said on Thursday it had prepared 1,500 cattle to anticipate a jump in beef demand ahead of the Idul Fitri holiday which will fall on July 17.

The agency’s head HM Firdaus said based on rough estimates, the total consumption of beef throughout Ramadhan in Pekanbaru was predicted to reach 245,675 kilograms, or equal to around 1,100 individual cattle.

“We have intentionally prepared more cattle than our needs to guarantee an adequate supply of beef is available in traditional markets. Our local supply is not enough, so we bring in cattle from other provinces, such as Lampung, North Sumatra and West Sumatra,” said Firdaus.

He said an increase in demand for beef was being seen as there was just one week left until Idul Fitri. On a normal day, the Pekanbaru municipal administration-run slaughter house (RPH) supplies around 28 individual cattle to traditional markets. Currently, the number has increased to 37 cattle per day.

“There has been a 35 percent increase in beef demand from normal days. Consumer demand is predicted to continue to increase. As the Idul Fitri holiday is getting closer, the number of cattle slaughtered at the RPH Pekanbaru might increase to up to 100 individual animals per day,” said Firdaus.

To ensure the quality of beef sold by vendors, Firdaus said Pekanbaru agriculture and husbandry personnel had continued to carry out unannounced inspections at traditional markets.

“So far, the results are good. We haven’t found gelonggongan [beef from cows that are given too much water so they weigh more and sell for a higher price] or meat from infected cattle. This shows all beef sold in the markets is from the RPH Pekanbaru,” said Firdaus, adding the administration had also prepared 873,818 chickens, or equal to 961,200 kilograms

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Thousands of cattle prepared for Idul Fitri
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