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 They were shot because they pelt stones at congregation: Police Chief

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BerichtOnderwerp: They were shot because they pelt stones at congregation: Police Chief   ma 20 jul 2015 - 1:00

From Antara News, Minggu, 19 Juli 2015

Jayapura - National police chief General Badrodin Haiti admitted here on Sunday that the police had opened fire in the incident in Tolikara, Papua, on Friday.

"The victims were shot because they were pelting stones at Muslims who were just performing Eid prayers," he said after visiting Karubaga, the capital of the Tolikara district.

General Badrodin Haiti said the police were still investigating the incident with regard to processing the case including the shooting and the torching incidents.

One was killed and 11 others who were all from among the attackers had been wounded in the incident.

He reiterated that Indonesia is a lawful country and so every violation of the law would be processed.

In connection with that he called on all parties including community members, religious figures and administrative officials to help unveil the root cause of the incident.

He said the police would question the intellectual actors including the signatories of the circular dated on July 11.

Based on reports that had been received the chief of the Tolikara resort police command had communicated with the district head on July 15 regarding the circular and the district head had later communicated it with the church officials that had produced the letter.

Because of miss-communication the incident happened while clarification had not yet been done, General Badrodin Haiti said.

General Badrodin Haiti admitted he had come to Tolikara to personally inspect the situation in Karubaga with regard to law enforcement process of the case.

He said President Joko Widodo had asked for a report about the circular.

During the visit General Badrodin Haiti was flanked by operations director Inspector General Unggung Cahyono.

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They were shot because they pelt stones at congregation: Police Chief
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