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 Megawati advises party cadres against committing corruption

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BerichtOnderwerp: Megawati advises party cadres against committing corruption   wo 22 jul 2015 - 3:44

From Antara News, Selasa, 21 Juli 2015

Jakarta - General Chairperson of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) Megawati Soekarnoputri has cautioned party cadres running for regional leadership positions to steer clear of corruption when elected.

"I warn you, candidates for regional head positions, to have no intention of trying to enrich yourselves (through illegal means) because it will damage the partys image," former Indonesian President (2001-2004) said while opening the second class of the PDIP Party School for Regional Heads here on Tuesday.

The school program was attended by 102 candidates for regional head positions from across the country. It will be held for four days from July 21 to 24.

Megawati, who is also a former Indonesian president, pointed out that all regional head candidates must be committed to developing regions and improving the welfare of the people.

While presenting their missions and visions, they need not make numerous promises, she stated, adding that one or two will be enough if upheld well.

"I warn you all to not try to seek loopholes to enrich yourselves," she emphasized.

Moreover, Megawati believes that if her warning is not heeded by candidates after their election, they will be trapped in legal issues.

"Do not have even the slightest inclination towards resorting to corrupt means. Drive it away," she remarked.

On the occasion, the PDIP chief also urged cadres to reach out to the public by implementing pro-people programs, such as building roads, irrigation networks, and sanitation and other facilities, when they are elected.

If they have social aid funds, they should inform the people about the programs that will be financed using the funds.

Megawati further noted that the state audit board will always assess the finances of regional governments periodically.

More than a hundred regional government heads have been caught being involved in cases of corruption, which should serve as a lesson for them, she stressed.

On December 9, Indonesia plans to conduct the first round of elections in 269 regions simultaneously, to elect provincial governors, district heads and city mayors.

( Hmmm, to mind comes something in the middle of "lege vaten die het luidste klinken en zekere potjes die de keteltjes zwart vinden, hmm ja payah loh....)siK.

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Megawati advises party cadres against committing corruption
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