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 Grandmother of molested child opts for mediation

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BerichtOnderwerp: Grandmother of molested child opts for mediation    di 4 aug 2015 - 2:37

The Jakarta Post, Depok, Tue, August 04 2015

The grandmother of a 6-year-old girl who was molested in Depok, West Java, by her friends has decided to seek mediation to resolve the sexual abuse case considering that the only ones involved are children.

The grandmother agreed to hold a mediation session after the National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA) and the Depok Police met with her on Saturday, said Komnas PA chairman Arist Merdeka
Sirait on Monday.

“[The grandmother] eventually agreed to mediation as she does not want to put the perpetrators in jail. She merely expects admission of responsibility as well as, at the least, an apology,” said Arist on Monday, adding that the perpetrators’ families had yet to apologize but, instead, offered the grandmother money.

Although she is just a snack seller, she hopes for respect, Arist said.

At the beginning of July, three children, aged 5 to 11, allegedly molested the girl near a golf course in Depok and the incident was seen by the girl’s cousin.

According to Arist, the crime involved rape but the police could not confirm this.

Allegedly having no courage to prevent it at the time, the cousin later told the girl’s grandmother about the incident. The grandmother later filed it with the Depok Police.

However, the police proceeded with the report a month later by summoning the parents of the offending minors.

“The police might not know how to deal with children who are criminal suspects, as they are special cases. Thus, they took a long time to proceed with it,” said Arist.

Arist added that Komnas PA had urged the police to hold mediation sessions between the families, and also mentioned the Child Criminal Justice System Law No. 11/2012 in regard to the offending minors who deserved diversion mechanisms from the police due to their young age.

Komnas PA will help the police facilitate the mediation with child psychology experts, he added.

According to Arist, the diversion mechanism is an important measure for handling cases involving minors, as it would give the minors second chances to lead moral lives after they committed their crimes.

However, the Depok Police refused to comment on the next legal action to be taken against the suspects.

The girl, an orphan, was reported to have suffered from severe trauma as she became silent and several times complained about physical pains.

“The girl said that she felt pain when urinating and sometimes got a fever,” said Arist, adding that she had not undergone a forensic examination due to a lack of a police recommendation. “[The grandmother] was disappointed because the police did not take any measures, not even issuing a recommendation.”

Thus, on Monday, Komnas PA took the girl to Pasar Rebo Public Hospital (RSU) in East Jakarta for a medical checkup and conducted an in-depth interview with her to examine how severe her trauma was.

“The incident happened a month ago but she still felt the pains. We’re afraid she suffered from severe physical injuries,” Arist added.

Komnas PA has listed that within these six months, there ere 720 molestation cases, 14 percent involving minors.

Nevertheless, Arist saw these children as both suspects and victims. He said that what they did usually was a result of imitating adults.

According to him, minor molesters usually do what they see in their environment.

“They might have watched adult scenes found in their closest environment,” he said. “However, we cannot fully blame technology. It might be the adults who show or teach them to watch such things.”

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Grandmother of molested child opts for mediation
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