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 SimCity inspires mayor of Surabaya to urban plan

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BerichtOnderwerp: SimCity inspires mayor of Surabaya to urban plan    wo 12 aug 2015 - 2:19

The Jakarta Post, Monday, August 10 2015,

Inspiration can come from anywhere, including computer games.

That seems to ring true for Surabaya mayor Tri “Risma” Rismaharini, who admitted that popular computer game SimCity inspired her while she was building her city.

“I learned a lot from SimCity. The game got me thinking about how to comprehensively build a city to achieve synergy with all the sectors involved,” she said, as quoted by recently.

SimCity is a simulation game created by Maxis, which enables players to become a mayor of a city. The goal of the game is for the players to develop the city with a better system by building and synchronizing all the available sectors, from housing to transportation.

Risma, who wins plenty of international awards for her work in Surabaya, however, did not specify further which SimCity version she played, but she admitted that the game was challenging enough for a woman of her age.

“The game pushes me to think. For example, if there is an inappropriate development, the citizens will protest; then if I build an industrial zone in the middle of the city, people will be unhappy,” she said.

Risma mentioned this hobby during Asia’s largest pop-culture festival, Popcon Asia, which was held Aug. 7-9 in Jakarta.

Through her hobby, Risma said she wanted to say that anyone could learn anything through any medium. She also encouraged younger generations to appropriately familiarize themselves with technology.

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SimCity inspires mayor of Surabaya to urban plan
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