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 Three sex workers apprehended in Gang Dolly

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ol' Kesas


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BerichtOnderwerp: Three sex workers apprehended in Gang Dolly    za 29 aug 2015 - 5:10

The Jakarta Post, Sat, August 29 2015

SURABAYA: The Gang Dolly red-light district of Surabaya, East Java, is apparently not completely free of prostitution. Two days ago, a joint team of police and public order police raided the former New Borneo brothel.

Members of the joint team found three sex workers serving clients there. They also arrested three pimps on Jl. Kupang, Gunung Timur, Surabaya.

“We have handed over the six persons to the Surabaya City Police for examination,” Surabaya municipality public order police unit enforcement section head Dari was quoted by as saying on Friday.

The Gang Dolly red-light district had actually been officially closed by the Surabaya municipality and transformed into a business district. However, Dari said he believed that prostitution had not yet been completely eradicated there.

The pimps usually offer up the sex workers to clients at Gang Dolly secretly. If a price is reached, the sex workers, who live near Dolly, will be contacted to meet the client in a brothel.

“The sex workers and clients enter through the back door, while the front door is locked, as if it is vacant,” said Dari.

(Gang Dolly district transformed into a business district, ya toch! prostitution good business for some and lookie-lookie for the turis too, but ahh-duh loh, awas dong si Trisma, marah dese affraid ) siK

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Henri R. Cingoor


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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Three sex workers apprehended in Gang Dolly    di 1 sep 2015 - 8:57

That sucks. !!!!

Each time a service is given by the dolls, some 10% "coffeemoney" will "flood" into my pocket. Now I am going to miss that income too.

Hey Mistah, wanna see dirty pixs of my sistah......

OK, dan ga ik maar weer over op het verkopen van rujak gobet in mijn warung pinggir kali.

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Three sex workers apprehended in Gang Dolly
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