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  Bali Police Investigates an Australian Related to Engeline Murder Case

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BerichtOnderwerp: Bali Police Investigates an Australian Related to Engeline Murder Case   ma 14 sep 2015 - 9:02

The Bali Times, July 13 2015


Bali Regional Police is investigating an Australian who allegedly had been asked for money amounting IDR150 million by Engeline’s adoptive sister Yvone Megawe. The adoptive sister said to the Australian that the money was demanded by kidnappers at the beginning of the poor girl was reported missing. Christopher Burns came to Bali Police office in Denpasar on Wednesday to undergo investigation as witness presented by the Center for Integrated Services for Women Empowerment and Child (P2TP2A) of Denpasar.

He explained that two days after Engeline reported missing, he received a short message derived from Yvone.

The short message, he continued, forwarded from someone who is suspected kidnappers who demanded money amounting to IDR150 million and the message also include bank account number.

But he did not send the money because he was suspicious that the evidence that justifies Engeline was kidnapped, never been given by Yvone. “Yvone never ask (money) directly from me. She said the kidnappers or those who claim as kidnappers demanding a ransom. Yvone send it (short message from the alleged kidnappers) to me,” he said.

Christopher admitted he has never met in person with Yvone, but he communicated through instant messaging and social networking pages `facebook`.

On that occasion, Christopher, accompanied by his lawyer, Harris Arthur Hedar brought a copy of short message from Yvone.

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Bali Police Investigates an Australian Related to Engeline Murder Case
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