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 City Council Lashes Out at Basuki for Cleaning Up Bureaucracy

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BerichtOnderwerp: City Council Lashes Out at Basuki for Cleaning Up Bureaucracy   di 29 sep 2015 - 6:24

The Jakarta Globe, 28 Sept. 2015

Jakarta. The Jakarta City Council has opened up a new front in its ongoing spat with Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, demanding on Monday that he be reviewed by the central government for cracking down on underperforming city officials.

Triwisaksana, a deputy council speaker, said a “huge number” of bureaucrats in the Jakarta administration were frustrated at being transferred or demoted by the governor for failing to do their jobs properly.

He called on the ministry for state administrative reforms, which oversees the bureaucracy but not the performance of regional leaders such as governors, to “evaluate Basuki’s performance to see if his actions have really been effective” in improving the work of City Hall.

“I have asked the minister, Yuddy Chrisnandi, to do this because I’ve heard there are many Jakarta officials who are depressed” as a result of Basuki cleaning up the bureaucracy, Triwisaksana said.

Basuki, the target of frequent criticism by the City Council because of his plainspoken ways and penchant for getting things done, said he was undeterred by the latest call for an evaluation into his performance.

He pointed out that the series of rotations, promotions and demotions he had undertaken was aimed to improving the performance of a notoriously bloated and inefficient bureaucracy, and that all the transfers were carried out based on merit.

“So far we’ve demoted 2,500 Jakarta civil servants and fired 120,” he said. “We’re about to fire dozens more.”

He added those who were fired had been found to be lazy, corrupt or incompetent.

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City Council Lashes Out at Basuki for Cleaning Up Bureaucracy
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