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 Police Officer, Soldiers Arrested for $4.8b Robbery

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BerichtOnderwerp: Police Officer, Soldiers Arrested for $4.8b Robbery   do 1 okt 2015 - 10:36

The Jakarta Globe, 30 Sept. 2015

Semarang. A junior-level police officer and two army personnel have been arrested for allegedly robbing employees of a Semarang-based cash management firm they were supposed to guard while the money was transported, a police official said on Thursday.

The suspects allegedly stole Rp 4.8 billion ($327,254) in cash from the firm, Advantage SCM.

On Monday, the police officer who was only identified as Brig. S, and the two soldiers were identified only by their initials: I. and T. The three were tasked with guarding two employees of Advantage SCM who were transporting the money from Solo to Semarang, both in Central Java.

However, as the group approached Semarang, the police officer allegedly pulled out his gun and pointed it at the two employees while the two soldiers unloaded the money and transferred it into another car.

Insp. Gen. Nur Ali, chief of the Central Java Police, said on Thursday that his officers on Wednesday apprehended the suspects in Yogyakarta and confiscated the stolen money.

"For the arrest, we cooperated with the Diponegoro Military Command," Nur said, adding that the three suspects were being brought to Semarang for further investigation.

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Police Officer, Soldiers Arrested for $4.8b Robbery
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