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From the Jak Pos, 9 Oct. 2015

Elderly man faces 10 years jail for gambling

Police have arrested a 70-year-old man, identified as NR, from Klapagading village, Wangon district, Banyumas regency, Central Java for selling tickets for an illegal lottery locally known as Togel. He could face a maximum punishment of 10 years in jail.

“Yes, we arrested him with strong evidence. Many residents complained that the suspect often offered teenagers tickets for the lottery,” Banyumas Police Chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Gidion Arif Setyawan said on Thursday.

Gidion said his officers had confiscated evidence, such as the suspect’s mobile phone, lottery sheets, and some cash when they raided NR’s house.

NR told the police that he had to sell the lottery tickets as he was unemployed and had to support his family. He said he could make Rp 50,000 (US$3.5) a day selling the lottery tickets.

( Oh yeah, that's tough..., if convicted 6 month jail, Nusa Kembangan perhaps? and a fine of at least Rp 5000,000 which the poor old sod wouldn't have in the first place, otherwise there wouldn't have been the necessity to sell lottery tickets! siK.)


Soldier detained for killing woman, children.

Papua Cenderawasih Military Police have detained a soldier, identified only as SJ, for allegedly killing a pregnant woman and her two children in Bintuni, West Papua in August.

“Yes, the officer has been detained and is under investigation by the military police and will soon face trial,” Papua Military Commander Maj. Gen. Hinsa Siburian told The Jakarta Post on Thursday.

Hinsa said the military command had cooperated with police from when the case emerged until the officer was detained.

The potential motive behind the murder and how many people were involved in the killing is not yet clear.

Frelly Dian Sari, 26, who was four-months pregnant, and her daughter Cicilia Putri Natalia, 4, and son Andhika, 2, were found dead at their house with stab wounds on their bodies on Aug. 27. Frelly’s husband was working out of town on that day.


From the Jak Globe,

Joko Embraces Help of International Community as Haze Crisis Continues,

Jakarta. Six nations have told President Joko Widodo they are willing to assist in Indonesia's fight against land and forest fires in Sumatara and Kalimantan, the root of the region's haze crisis.

So far, the president said, only fire-fighting equipped aircrafts from Singapore have arrived.

Malaysia, South Korea, China, Australia and Russia have indicated support, a statement from the president's team said on Friday.

“But only [aircraft] from Singapore has arrived. [Aircraft] from other nations will probably only start arriving from Sunday,” Joko said during a visit to the haze-affected Lereng village in Kampar district, Riau, on Friday.

Riau is among several Indonesian provinces hit by the seasonal fire and haze crisis, which has been exacerbated this year by the El Nino phenomenon bringing extremely dry weather to the region.

The Singaporean fire-fighting aircraft will be able to carry between 12,000 and 15,000 liters of water per flight and has a far greater capacity to waterbomb and extinguish fire hotspots than Indonesian planes.

“We need planes that have the capacity to carry 12 tons to 15 tons of water, unlike the aircraft that [Indonesia has], which have a water capacity of two to three tons. They are insufficient,” Joko earlier said on Thursday, as quoted by news portal

Aircraft operations will be focused on South Sumatra where satellite imaging has found the most hotspots.

The Indonesian government has previously rejected offers of assistance from other countries, notably haze-effected Singapore and Malaysia.

Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung earlier said the administration was concerned foreign government would claim credit for ending the crisis.


Suspect Named in Kalideres Schoolgirl Murder,

Jakarta. Jakarta Police has identified a man named Agus as a suspect in the sexual assault and murder of a nine-year-old girl on Friday, one week after the girl's body was found in Kalideres, West Jakarta.

“We are still thoroughly investigating Agus and his relation to the case. It is all a matter of time. We will not stop our investigation,” the Jakarta Police General Crimes Director, Sr. Comr. Krishna Murti, said on Friday.

Police have conducted over 10 searches at Agus' home for evidence, including early on Friday. A sock belonging to the victim was found with traces of Agus' DNA.

A special taskforce has been created including members of the General Crimes Directorate, West Jakarta District Sector Offices, the Kalideres Internal Sector Offices, Police Medics and the Disaster Victims Identification unit of the National Police

Agus had been arrested by the police on Tuesday after failing a urine drug test, which showed methamphetamine in his system.

He has also been named a suspect for molesting a girl in the same neighborhood. Twelve witnesses reported Agus as a repeat child abuse offender who targets girls in the community.

Police Search Witness' Home in Kalideres Murder Case,

Jakarta. The Jakarta Police on Friday searched the home of a witness in the chilling rape and murder of a 9-year-old girl, after tests results showed that DNA samples taken from her body matched those of the witness.

Investigators are waiting for the outcome of DNA tests conducted at a different lab to confirm their findings before naming the witness, who is currently only identified as A.

Police decided to conduct a search of A's home despite the lack of confirmation after A. was named a suspect in the sexual assault of another young girl, identified as T.

The horrific murder of Putri Nur Fauziyah shocked Jakarta last week when the 9-year-old school girl's lifeless body was found stuffed in a cardboard box in Kalideres, West Jakarta.

Both Putri and T. live in the same neighborhood as A.

Investigators have interviewed 13 witnesses in Putri's case so far and nearly each spoke of A.'s "sexual perversions" and drug use.

“T. said she visited A.'s house three times in June. One day she found herself locked in the house, from around 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., during which she was [allegedly] sexually assaulted by A.," said Jakarta Police general crimes director Sr. Comr. Krishna Murti.

"Other witnesses told us that A. frequently asked them to take drugs with him."

He added that A. had tested positive for methamphetamine according to a urine test conducted on Tuesday.

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News in short..,
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