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 Police: Suspect Admits He Killed 9-Year-Old Girl With Charger Cable

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BerichtOnderwerp: Police: Suspect Admits He Killed 9-Year-Old Girl With Charger Cable   zo 11 okt 2015 - 6:56

The Jakarta Globe, Oct 11 2015

Jakarta. The 39-year-old suspected of having sexually abused and killed a 9-year-old girl in East Jakarta last week did so under the influence of methamphetamine, police in the capital told a press conference on Saturday.

The suspect, identified as Agus Dermawan, allegedly told police he killed the girl identified as P.N.F. by strangling her with a cellphone charger cable before wrapping her body in cardboard and dumping the remains in a quiet part of Kamal, in West Jakarta's Kalideres district, on Oct. 2.

Sr. Comr. Krishna Murti, head of the Jakarta Police's criminal investigations division, said Agus was running a small store in the neighborhood were the girl lived and lured her inside when she was on her way home from school.

"The suspect smothered the victim with a sock and tied up the victim's hands and feet with cellphone charger cable," Krishna said, explaining that the girl tried to put up a fight.

After sexually abusing the child, Agus allegedly strangled her with the cable, dumped the body and burned the girl's possessions, including clothes and a bag containing school books and stationary.

Insp. Gen. Tito Karnavian, the head of the Jakarta Police, said at the same press conference that Agus was a pedophile who could not control his urges because he had used drugs.

Police have been busy gathering evidence in the case and say they have found Agus' DNA on one of the victim's socks that was found with the body. The victim's blood was also found on a mattress owned by the suspect, police say.

Investigators have also found the partially burned charger cable and school book believed to have belonged to the girl.

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Police: Suspect Admits He Killed 9-Year-Old Girl With Charger Cable
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