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 Yogyakarta’s Pakualam IX Dies at Age 77

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Yogyakarta’s Pakualam IX Dies at Age 77

Jakarta Globe | on 10:10 PM November 21, 2015

Jakarta. Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Aryo, a Yogyakarta royal best known as Pakualam IX, the deputy governor of the central Javanese province, died on Saturday from a respiratory ailment. He was 77.

The royal household, a duchy under the Yogyakarta sultanate, said Pakualam IX had been admitted to the Sardjito hospital five days earlier and put on a ventilator following complications from a long-running respiratory illness that doctors attributed to his heavy smoking during his younger days.

Hours before he died, the household council determined that his eldest son, Kanjeng Bendara Pangeran Haryo Prabu Suryodilogo, would take over his royal duties, but not as the deputy governor.

A special mandate for Yogyakarta’s governance dictates that the hereditary sultan, currently Hamengkubuwono X, serves as the governor, while the post of deputy governor goes to the reigning Pakualam.

The late Pakualam IX is survived by three sons: Kanjeng Bendara Pangeran Haryo Prabu Suryodilogo,Bendara Pangeran Haryo Harjoseno and Bendara Pangeran Haryodanar Donowijoyo, His wife, Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Ayu Ambarkusumo, died in 2011.

The royal household said he would be laid to rest at the family cemetery in Giri Gondo, in Yogyakarta’s Kulon Progo district, but did not say when.

Jakarta Globe

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Yogyakarta’s Pakualam IX Dies at Age 77
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