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 Security Upped Throughout Indonesia After Jakarta Terror Attack

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BerichtOnderwerp: Security Upped Throughout Indonesia After Jakarta Terror Attack   do 14 jan 2016 - 21:09

The Jakarta Globe, 15 Jan 2015,

Jakarta. Following Thursday's deadly terror attack in Central Jakarta, regions across Indonesia including the resort island of Bali have tightened security.

In the North Sumatra capital of Medan and Bali, dozens of police officers were deployed to secure government offices and consulate general offices of Australia and the United States.

Tourism hotspots, shopping centers and busy streets in both regions were also heavily guarded, including the luxurious J.W. Marriott hotel in Medan.

The Marriott in Jakarta was targeted in terrorist attacks in 2003 and 2009.

The Bali Police declared that the highest alert level was in effect.

“We anticipate [attacks] on the island's tourism destinations, which are popular among international and local tourists. And because the Santoso terror group once mentioned Bali [as one of its targets], we are at the level I alert now,” Sr. Comr. Suhendri from the Bali Police said on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Jambi Police were intensifying security at the Sultan Thaha Syaifuddin Airport and other transportation hubs.

The West Java Police said more officers would be on standby and security checks at offices would be intensified.

The famous Borobudur temple in Magelang, Central Java, was also receiving extra protection from the authorities.

“In addition to deploying our own internal security officers, we are also coordinating with the police,” the temple's tourism head Chrisnamurti Adiningrum said in Magelang.

Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Indonesia's main airport, outside Jakarta, also tightened security.

A series of explosions and an ensuing gun battle between terrorists and police rocked the Sarinah area on Thursday from around 10.50 a.m. The assault began at the Skyline building's Starbucks outlet and left seven people dead -- five terrorists and two civilians, including a Canadian national -- and two dozen others injured.

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Security Upped Throughout Indonesia After Jakarta Terror Attack
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