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 Massive Weapons Stash Discovered at W. Java Police Dormitory

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BerichtOnderwerp: Massive Weapons Stash Discovered at W. Java Police Dormitory   zo 17 jan 2016 - 20:45

The Jakarta Globe, Jan 17 2016,

Sukabumi, West Java. Workers renovating a police dormitory in Sukabumi, West Java, have discovered a massive stash of seven-decades-old firearms, naval mines and other explosives, sending authorities scrambling to remove the weapons.

Construction workers first made the discovery on Saturday at the Sukabumi Traffic Police dormitory unit in the district's Cipelang area, leading the West Java Police to dispatch their bomb squad the following day.

Police were keeping the exact location of the stash a secret, fearing the antiquated weapons might be targeted by thieves. The site was heavily guarded by dozens of officers as a precaution, police said, while members of the bomb squad struggled to safely remove the explosives.

Construction at the premises was also halted, while locals living close to the site, including the officers staying at the dorm, were evacuated.

The bomb squad secured two naval mines, 98 grenades, 25,000 rounds of ammunition and dozens of firearms at the site with officers still working to remove the remainder of the stash as of Sunday afternoon.

Sukabumi Police deputy chief Comr. Imron Ernawan said types and serial numbers indicated the weapons were from the 1940s and 50s. Imron confirmed that the building was once used as a police storage unit before being converted to a dormitory.

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Massive Weapons Stash Discovered at W. Java Police Dormitory
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