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 Kindergarten Books Teach 'Radical Islam': GP Ansor

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BerichtOnderwerp: Kindergarten Books Teach 'Radical Islam': GP Ansor   wo 20 jan 2016 - 22:53

The Jakarta Globe, 20 Jan 2016

Jakarta. The Ansor Youth Movement, known as GP Ansor, has discovered textbooks aimed at kindergarteners containing "dangerous radical Islamic teachings" in Depok, West Java.

The books, titled "Muslim Kids Like to Read," contained phrases such as "sa-hid di me-dan ji-had [die as a jihadist]," "se-le-sai ra-ih ban-tai ki-yai [slaughter muslim elders]," "mu-na-fik [hypocrites]" and "bom [bomb]," GP Ansor said.

At least 32 sentences in the book could be considered radical, the group said.

Ansor, the youth wing of Indonesia's largest Muslim community Nahdlatul Ulama, is concerned the distribution of the book could spread "seed of radicalism" among vulnerable children.

"These books are used as teaching materials for kindergartens. This could endanger the children's future," Benny Ramdani of GP Ansor said on Wednesday.

"We sent letters to the Education Ministry and the National Police on Tuesday," Benny said, adding that GP Ansor demanded authorities immediately confiscate the books.

The book was first published in 1999, with the 167th edition issued in 2015 and published by Pusaka Amanah Publisher based in Solo, Central Java.

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Kindergarten Books Teach 'Radical Islam': GP Ansor
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