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 Foster Mother Gets Life Sentence in Engeline Murder Case

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ol' Kesas


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BerichtOnderwerp: Foster Mother Gets Life Sentence in Engeline Murder Case   di 1 maa 2016 - 3:43

The Jakarta Globe, 1 March 2016

Denpasar. The Denpasar District Court on Monday (29/02) sentenced Margriet Megawe, a woman accused of murdering her foster daughter and burying the child's body in her backyard, to life imprisonment.

Margriet was found guilty for the May 2015 murder of 8-year-old Engeline, in a case which gripped the nation. Presiding judge Edward Harris Sinaga said the defendant is guilty of murder, child exploitation for financial gain and physical abuse that led to the death of the child.

The sentence met the prosecutors' demand.

Margriet's lawyer Dian Pongkor said his team will file an appeal against the ruling, as reported by

The case captured national attention after Angeline’s body was discovered buried in the back yard of Margriet’s Denpasar home in June last year, a month after the family reported Engeline missing and launched online pleas for her return.

The prosecution’s indictment against Margriet revolves largely around confessions from her former housekeeper, Agustinus Tay, who claims Margriet killed Engeline by slamming her head against a wall and paid him to help her dispose of the body.

Agustinus initially confessed to the murder before later recanting, saying his statement was made under duress from the police. He alleged Margriet had ordered him to rape the lifeless Engeline to stage a sex crime motive, but said he had refused.

He did, however, agree to help dig a hole in the back yard and bury the body there, claiming that Margriet promised to pay him Rp 200 million ($14,930) to keep silent and take the fall if the body was discovered.

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Henri R. Cingoor


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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Foster Mother Gets Life Sentence in Engeline Murder Case   wo 2 maa 2016 - 15:51

Zie de laatste posting hierover op.

Dan kan men die schijnheilige rotkop van die zogenaamde "pleegloeder" sorry: pleegmoeder, zien.

Angeline, je dood is gewroken en moge dat loeder in de bak ook met d'r harses tegen een muur aangeknald worden door de collega bakzitters.
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Foster Mother Gets Life Sentence in Engeline Murder Case
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