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 Police links killed Siyono with Neo Jamaah Islamiyah

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BerichtOnderwerp: Police links killed Siyono with Neo Jamaah Islamiyah   di 15 maa 2016 - 9:00

The Jakarta Post, Klaten, Central Java, March 15 2016

Police have linked Siyono, an alleged terrorist killed during an interrogation by the Densus 88 counterterrorism unit on Friday, with the new terrorist group known as Neo Jamaah Islamiah (Neo JI), a younger cell of Jamaah Islamiah.

Siyono, 34, was believed to be the commander of Neo JI, said National Police spokesperson Insp. Gen. Anton Charliyan. "From previous investigations into other suspects, Siyono had indeed been asked to initiate this group," Anton said as quoted by on Monday.

Siyono was the group's information source, Anton continued, and knew about the weapons warehouses owned by Neo JI, including their location, which mainly contained weapons inherited from groups involved in the Bali bombing .

The police are still investigating the affiliations of Neo JI, Anton said. The most-recent information suggests that the group is affiliated with global terrorist network Al-Qaeda but has not yet revealed links with the Islamic State (IS) movement, the Santoso-led terrorist group East Indonesia Mujahidin (MIT) or the Jan. 14 bombing in Jakarta.

"In Indonesia, the group is more militant than IS recruits. The organization is well structured, since it has existed for a long time," Anton added.

Last Tuesday, Siyono was arrested by Densus 88 at the Mosque beside his house in Pogung village in Klaten, Central Java, after the maghrib prayer. He was arrested by three anti-terror squad personnel who were disguised as mosque visitors.

Marso Diyono, Siyono's father, said he and the local residents were not at all suspicious of the police personnel since they thought they were his son's friends.

Marso only found out that the trio were with Densus 88 when the anti-terror squad raided Siyono's house, which also functions as a kindergarten, during school hours on Thursday, causing scared children to run around crying.

RT (neighborhood unit) head Wagiyono said he regretted that the raid happened because it could have bad implications for the kindergarten attendees who it seemed were being accused of having links with terrorism.

"When in fact, this kindergarten does not have any connection with [terrorism]," Wagiyono said.

For the last five months, Siyono's house has been used as a kindergarten after the original kindergarten building was sold by its owner. Due to difficulty finding a substitute building, Suratmi, Siyono's wife who teaches at the kindergarten, moved it to their house.

Wagiyono said the anti-terror squad took copies of Siyono's identity card and family card, while the Pogung village chief who witnessed the raid said the personnel also took away Siyono's motorcycle.

Siyono died on Friday, on his way to Bhayangkara hospital in Yogyakarta, allegedly because he was exhausted after fighting with the Densus 88 personnel who were guarding him. His family found out on the same day at 14:30 p.m. and soon after the police asked for a representative of the family to immediately go to Jakarta.

His body was taken home to his village on Saturday afternoon, where the family has been preparing for the burial. Among the thousands who came to mourn his passing were members of the Klaten chapters of the Ukhuwah Islamiyah Forum (FUI), the Indonesia Mujahidin Council (MMI) and the Islamic Jihad Front (FJI).

Marso kept silent until Siyono's body had returned home, then wanting to talk to journalists alongside Surakarta Islam Ummah Troops (LUIS). He said he was finally able to let go of what had happened, and only hoped that his son's death had been syahid (in defence of Islam).

"He was happy when he was captured, but why he is dead by now? I accept everything as it is. What's important is that all the shrouds be replaced with ones bought by our own family," Marso said.

Meanwhile, Islamic Study and Action Center secretary Hendro Sudarsono, who acted as Siyono's family spokesperson, said the family would be taking legal action.

Sri Kalono, legal attorney for Siyono's family, said the family would ask who was responsibility for the party that arrested Siyono and would report them to the National Commission for Human Rights (Komnas HAM).

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Police links killed Siyono with Neo Jamaah Islamiyah
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