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 Seven Jailed for 10 Years in Bengkulu Rape Murder Case

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BerichtOnderwerp: Seven Jailed for 10 Years in Bengkulu Rape Murder Case   wo 11 mei 2016 - 5:55

From the Jakarta Globe, May 11, 2016

Jakarta. Seven of the twelve alleged perpetrators of the brutal gang rape murder of schoolgirl Yuyun in Bengkulu, South Sumatra, have been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The Curup District Court on Tuesday (10/05) found the suspects, aged between 16 and 17 years old, guilty of violating the 2014 law on child protection.

“The judges have decided that the defendants are proven guilty of committing a criminal offence of violence, forced intercourse with an underaged child, let others commit violence to her, causing the child to die," presiding Judge Heny Farida said, as quoted by state-run news agency Antara.

“The child offenders have been each sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with a 6-month penalty for social work,” Heny added.

As they have been sentenced with the maximum penalty, the judges have given the boys and their lawyers time to accept the verdict, or to make an appeal.

While legal advisor M. Gunawan stated that his clients are still considering about the verdict, Chief State Prosecutor Eko Hening Wardhono believes that the punishment fits their crime.

Despite the verdict already meeting the prosecutors demands, it did not fulfil Yuyun's parents expectation of life imprisonment for their daughter's rapists. Criticism soon mounted across social media.

Mabuk, memperkosa, trus membunuh, hnya diganjar hukuman selama 10thn, sypa yg menjamin kalo org ini bebas bakal jd bener??#nyalauntukyuyun
— Jaenal Muid (@Jaenalmuid_) May 10, 2016

"They got drunk, then they rape and kill, but they only get 10 years in jail. Who will guarantee if they will become good after they were freed?"

The brutal gang rape murder case of 14-year old Yuyun shook media outlets around the world, shedding light on Indonesia’s reputation for sexual violence.

The tragic news followed after a number of high profile violence cases against women and girls, which outraged women’s group activists and caught the attention of President Joko Widodo.

Kita semua berduka atas kepergian YY yg tragis. Tangkap & hukum pelaku seberat2nya. Perempuan & anak2 harus dilindungi dari kekerasan -Jkw

— Joko Widodo (@jokowi) May 4, 2016

“We all mourn the tragic departure of YY [Yuyun’s initials.] Arrest and punish the perpetrators as severely as possible. Women and children have to be protected from violence.”

In the wake of the crime, various activists, including the National Commission on Violence Against Women, urged the government to promptly pass the sexual violence bill, highlighting that an average of 35 women are victims of sexual violence in Indonesia every day.

Yuyun is believed to have been attacked by 14 males in an afternoon on April 12. Seven of the attackers were her seniors from school.

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Seven Jailed for 10 Years in Bengkulu Rape Murder Case
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