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 Brimob disposes of 26 confiscated bombs in Poso

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BerichtOnderwerp: Brimob disposes of 26 confiscated bombs in Poso   do 16 jun 2016 - 1:29

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta, Wed, June 15 2016

The Central Sulawesi Police's Mobile Brigade (Brimob) has disposed of 26 assembled bombs that were confiscated as evidence during the 2015 Operation Camar Maleo and the still ongoing Operation Tinombala, both of which were undertaken to pursue the most-wanted terrorist Santoso and his followers in the East Indonesia Mujahidin (MIT) group in Poso.

Central Sulawesi Police spokesperson chief Hari Suprapto said that in addition to those confiscated as evidence, the police also received some of the bombs from locals.

The disposal of the explosives was carried out on Monday at the Brimob Headquarters Detachment B Landangan by specialist bomb squad personnel at around noon. The process was done gradually to avoid a massive explosion that could have disturbed the peace of the community and the surrounding areas. The police had previously warned locals of the upcoming disposal.

"If any residents are disturbed by the activities, we sincerely apologize," Hari said as quoted by Antara News.

The police, along with Indonesian Military personnel, are continuing with Operation Tinombala because Santoso and 23 of his followers are still hiding in the woods along the Poso coast and across the Lore Plains.

Officials say the 2,500 police and TNI personnel are determined to put a stop to the acts of terrorism of the group, which is known to be spreading radical ideologies throughout Poso.

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Brimob disposes of 26 confiscated bombs in Poso
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