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 If it isn't the FPI again

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Indonesian foreign office ready to facilitate police to bring Rizieq home

Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Deputy Foreign Minister AM Fachir said the ministry would be ready to facilitate police to bring home Rizieq Shihab, chairman of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI)."If police have issued the red notice we would notify the country where Rizieq is now about the case against him," Fachir said here on Wednesday.
Police have summoned Rizieq twice to testify in a pornographic case involving him and a woman identified as Firza Hussein.
Police could use force and arrest Rizieq after he failed to honor the summons. In the meantime the FPI leader is on a visit abroad.
His lawyer said Rizieq was abroad to perform Umrah pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia and to finish his doctorate study in Malaysia. For police, however, his visit abroad is on obstruction of legal investigation.
Fachir said if the "red notice" is issued police of all member countries of the Interpol would cooperate in handing over Rizieq to Indonesian police.The foreign ministry has always facilitate any government agency in handling cases that need international interference, he said.
As for the case of Rizieq there has been no red notice, but the foreign ministry would continue to monitor for information about his whereabouts, he said.
Meanwhile, police have named Firza Husein, previously implicated in alleged attempt to topple the government, a suspect on charge of sending vulgar pornographic chatting and photo through cellular phone to Rizieq. Both Firza and Rizieq have denounced the allegation as false and libel, but police said the charge was valid citing expert opinion.
"Police have enough proof to name Firza a suspect," Jakarta Police Spokesman Sr. Comr Argo Yuwono said on Wednesday.
Argo said police have also cooperated with cellular phone operator to ascertain the owners of the phone numbers involved in the chatting and the contents of the chatting.
Firza if found guilty would face a jail punishment of more than five years.
Argo said police also are looking for the one spreading the pornographic telephone chatting and photo.

From our friends in Antara News, May 17 ‘17


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If it isn't the FPI again
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