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 Indonesia to build military base near southern Philippines

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BerichtOnderwerp: Indonesia to build military base near southern Philippines   do 29 jun 2017 - 23:46

From the Jakakarta Post,

Jakarta, Thu, June 8, 2017

Indonesia will build more military bases on some of its most outer islands, including Morotai Island in North Maluku, which shares a border with the Philippine island of Mindanao where Islamic militants have attempted to control a city.

Indonesian Military Commander Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo said on Thursday that plans to build a military base in Morotai Island were aimed at preventing militant groups from entering Indonesia.

Gatot said once the new military facility was built, military equipment would be brought there. He said the government would start building the Morotai Island military base as soon as the one on Natuna Island, another of Indonesia’s outer islands in Riau Island Province, was completed.

“So, as President Jokowi has said, Morotai is an island where a military base will be built. But the construction process will be done step by step. Our priority is [the one] in Natuna, which is still under construction. After this, then Morotai,” Gatot said as quoted by

The Indonesian military and the National Police have tightened security along areas that share a border with Mindanao to prevent militant groups from entering Indonesia. Gatot said the military would deploy surveillance planes and add more ships to patrol the sea around North Maluku

Indonesia should think twice about military aid for Philippines: Expert

Jakarta | Wed, June 28, 2017

Military expert Mufti Makarim urged the government to be careful with its plan to provide the Philippines with military aid as part of a mission to quell a militant group affiliated with the Islamic State (IS) in Marawi, Southern Philippines.

Mufti said the move could provoke a reaction from IS cells in Indonesia. “The government should be careful before deciding to send military aid to the Philippines, because Indonesia also faces terrorist threats from IS-related groups,” Mufti said on Tuesday as quoted by

Mufti cited as examples the twin bombings of a Kampung Melayu bus station in East Jakarta on May 24 and most recently, the fatal stabbing of policemen at North Sumatra Police headquarters on Sunday.

Mufti said that a decision to deploy military forces to the Philippines would require the National Police to boost intelligence measures in monitoring domestic security.

However, People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) speaker Zufikli Hasan said he agreed with the plan to send military aid to Marawi, because the Philippines is a fellow ASEAN member.

“It would be an honor [to help] if the Philippines asks for it,” Zulkifli said during an open house event in Jakarta on Sunday.
Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Wiranto said that Indonesia would coordinate with Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and the Philippines about the situation in Marawi.

“Indonesia will conduct multilateral coordination with the five countries to back up the Philippines regarding the IS insurgence there,” Wiranto said in Jakarta on Tuesday.


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Indonesia to build military base near southern Philippines
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