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 ‘bu Susi strikes again

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Indonesia sinks 17 more fishing ships

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta, Mon, October 30, 2017

Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry Susi Pudjiastuti and the Anti-Illegal Fishing Task Force (Task Force 115) symbolically sank 17 foreign ships on Sunday that had been used for illegal fishing operations in Indonesian waters.

“The sinking is evidence that we are dedicated to safeguarding our waters for the future of our nation,” said Susi at a press statement issued on Monday, as reported by

Ten ships were sunk in Natuna waters, with seven others in Tarempa waters, both of which are where the Riau Islands lie. Susi led the sinking ceremony on the Orca Fishing Supervisory Ship in Lampa Bay, Natuna regency.

Task Force 115 operational director Rear Adm. Wahyudi Hendro Dwiyono explained that unlike previous ship sinkings, Sunday's sinking did not use explosives. Instead, the ships were sunk by making holes in their hulls.

He said since January, 88 ships had been sunk after the operators were found to be involved in illegal fishing operations.

The Sunday ship sinking was attended, among others, by Navy deputy chief of staff Vice Adm. Achmad Taufiqoerrochman, Natuna Regent Abdul Hamid Rizal, Task Force 115’s special staff coordinator Mas Achmad Santosa and Navy Western Region Fleet Commander Rear Adm. N Aan Kurnia

The ship sinking ceremony was part of a series of sinking ceremonies in 13 locations across Indonesia up to December.

Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti has stressed that she will maintain her policy of sinking ships that have been seized for involvement in illegal fishing.

Critics of the policy have said the ships should be sold off.

“There are lobbies from investors and owners of boats involved in illegal fishing to change the policy,” Susi said in Jakarta on Friday as reported by

She said they had called on her ministry to sell the ships to fishermen, but she was suspicious that the investors and owners of the confiscated vessels would take advantage of any auction.

“It is strange that they fear the sinking policy,” said, Susi, adding that she would maintain her policy of using the deterrent effect against illegal fishing.

“Political pressures as well as pressure from interested parties are so strong, but we should not be afraid.”

Previously, Susi said ships that had been seized could not be used for fishing activities. She said her ministry was open to other options, though. “If there is a proposal to convert them into research ships, we may discuss it further,” she said.

She added that the confiscated ships would fetch only very low prices at auction. For instance, a 100-gross-ton ship would be offered at Rp 186 million (US$13,975), while in fact it could be worth about Rp 1 billion.

More than 300 confiscated ships have been sunk by the government since 2014 duimenop



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‘bu Susi strikes again
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