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 Flood in North Sumatra displaces thousands

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BerichtOnderwerp: Flood in North Sumatra displaces thousands   do 9 nov 2017 - 1:12

The Jakarta Post, Medan , Tue, November 7, 2017

In the provincial capital of Medan, hundreds of homes were evacuated in Aur subdistrict, Medan Maimon district, early morning on Tuesday.

Floodwater one meter in depth inundated the houses.A subdistrict official, Yahdi Sabil, said the flooding was caused by an overflow of the Deli River, following heavy downpour in the past few days.

He said that some residents living in multi-story houses chose to stay behind.

According to the Medan Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), Medan Maimun and Medan Johor were the districts most affected by the flood.

The operation and control manager at BPBD Medan, M. Yunus, said the agency had set up public kitchens in the temporary shelters.

"The flooding in Medan was also caused by an increase in the volume of water at the Babura River," he said.
Outside Medan, flooding was also reported in Langkat regency.

The overflowing Batang Serangan River resulted in the inundation of thousands of houses in six districts in the regency.

Iwan Syahri of BPBD Langkat said the hardest hit district was Tanjung Pura, where floodwater one meter in depth forced 699 families to leave their homes.

Other affected districts in the regency include Padang Tualang, Babalan, Sei Lepan, and Sawit Seberang.

“The flood also damaged 978 hectares of agricultural area, as well as several schools and worship places," Iwan said.
As of Tuesday afternoon, no casualties were reported.


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Flood in North Sumatra displaces thousands
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