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 Bali politician on the run over drug dealing allegations, kicked out of Gerindra party

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BerichtOnderwerp: Bali politician on the run over drug dealing allegations, kicked out of Gerindra party   do 9 nov 2017 - 21:16

Coconuts Bali Nov. 9, 2017

Indonesia’s Gerindra party has announced that it has kicked out a Bali councilman who is currently on the run from police, wanted over drug dealing allegations.

The party’s dismissal of Jero Komang Gede Swastika, alias Mang Jangol, was decided in Jakarta on Wednesday during a Gerindra meeting, reportedly attended by the party’s leadership and several members of the Constitutional Court.

As a result, Jangol will no longer serve as Gerindra vice chairman in the Bali Regional Legislative Council (DPRD), in his 2014-2019 term.

“The dismissal as a cadre automatically removes Komang from his position as a party official and member of DPRD Bali from the Gerindra faction,” said Habiburokhman, chairman of the advocacy division of Gerindra’s central executive board.

Jangol’s removal is a display of the party’s assertiveness against officials involved in drug-related crimes, Habiburokhman told the Bali Post.

“Those are the two most fatal things. First, corruption and second, drugs. So, whatever his achievements or his loyalty, when involved with these two things, it means zero,” he said.

Bali Police are still desperately trying to locate Jangol, who has been a fugitive since Nov. 4, when his Denpasar home was raided and he evaded arrest. In his home, police found methamphetamine, along with two airsoft guns, five daggers, a brass kris dagger, an airsoft cartridge box, four bongs, two accounting books, and five gas airsoft guns.

Police tried to arrest him, but Jangol allegedly locked himself inside a room, escaped through the window, and has been on the run ever since, according to reports. Police suspect the politician is still in Bali.

Jangol’s wife, Ni Luh Ratna Dewi, was arrested on Tuesday in connection with her husband’s case.


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Bali politician on the run over drug dealing allegations, kicked out of Gerindra party
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