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 'Bu Risma taking on "traffic Duties"

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BerichtOnderwerp: 'Bu Risma taking on "traffic Duties"   ma 13 nov 2017 - 22:20

Surabaya mayor Bu Risma takes to street to personally direct traffic and ensure driver discipline

Coconuts Jakarta Nov. 13, 2017

While she certainly has her critics, Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini is generally beloved by the people of her city, and one of the main reasons for that is because of how incredibly hard-working she is. She’s also known for being an extremely hands-on administrator, doing everything from picking trash up early in the morning to personally having young people picked up by police for engaging in immoral activities (after catching them on her office CCTV array) to going down to the streets to personally direct traffic.

Video of Bu Risma (as she is affectionately referred to) standing grim-faced at a traffic intersection, holding out her hands out to keep drivers back behind the zebra path so that pedestrians could cross safely, went viral over the weekend after being posted to @fakta.indo Instagram page on Friday, having already been viewed over 1.2 million times and collecting over 4,000 comments.

Most people praised Bu Risma’s dedication to her city and her fierce determination to try and instill some discipline into Surabaya’s drivers, though some questioned whether it was the best use of the Mayor’s time and energy and whether it was more of a public relations stunt than sound traffic policy.

But if she did in fact plan on making a viral video, then she almost certainly accomplished her mission of influencing Surabaya’s drivers to be more careful about crossing into the crosswalks at intersections. After all, who would dare risk incurring the wrath of Bu Risma after seeing this video?



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'Bu Risma taking on "traffic Duties"
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