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  Several months needed to renovate Maritime Museum after fire

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BerichtOnderwerp: Several months needed to renovate Maritime Museum after fire   wo 17 jan 2018 - 5:06

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta, Wed, January 17, 2018

Maritime Museum management said they needed several months to renovate the gutted part of the museum after fire engulfed buildings A and C located in Penjaringan, North Jakarta, on Tuesday morning.

Maritime Museum’s head of technical management unit, Husnison Nizar, said the renovation measures could take six months or more.

“Before conducting the renovation, we need to investigate the construction and structure of the building first,” said Husnison on Tuesday as quoted by
Husnison also said some parts of the museum components had to be made and ordered from other cities.

“The replacement for the wood beam for the museum for example, has to be specially ordered from Bojonegoro [East Java],” he added.

Husnison said the museum was renovated last November. The management has done several major renovations before, including restorations to replace all wood components in the building, chain beams and revamping of the museum roof.

The 17th century building, inaugurated as a museum in 1977 by former Jakarta governor Ali Sadikin, has around 700 collections on display. During the fire, several collections were damaged, including replicas of navigation tools and traditional boats, as well as a room exhibiting a reconstruction of the Battle of the Java Sea.


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Several months needed to renovate Maritime Museum after fire
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