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 25-bus-passengers-hospitalized-following-bee-swarm attack

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25-bus-passengers-hospitalized-following-bee-swarm attack Empty
BerichtOnderwerp: 25-bus-passengers-hospitalized-following-bee-swarm attack   25-bus-passengers-hospitalized-following-bee-swarm attack Icon_minitimevr 9 jan 2015 - 21:57

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta, Friday January 09 2015

Twenty-five passengers were rushed to hospital after a swarm of bees attacked several public minivans in Manado, North Sulawesi, on Friday morning.

The incident happened as the minivans serving the Malalayang-Pasar 45 route passed the Mega Mass business district.

“We were on our way to work aboard the public minivan. Passengers were in a panic and leapt out to escape when the bees flew in and attacked them,” quoted 18-year-old victim Olivia Mamudi as saying at the Pancaran Kasih Hospital.

She said the bees continued their attack when she and her fellow worker Ida Binanti got out of the minivan and tried to hide in a nearby ATM gallery.

“The bees followed us and came into the ATM gallery and we were almost dying due to the bees’ poisonous stings,” she said.

Edward, 24, a passenger on another public minivan, said that before the attack he saw a sanitation worker throwing stones into the bees’ nest near a shopping compound’s exit gate.

“After the stone-throwing, the bees escaped and attacked the passing minivans. The angry bees attacked me and 13 other passengers who were in the minivan,” he said.

Several victims are still undergoing intensive medical treatment at the emergency units of the Pancaran Kasih and Prof. Kandouw hospitals while others have been discharged.

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25-bus-passengers-hospitalized-following-bee-swarm attack
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