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 Indonesian volcano erupts..,

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ol' Kesas

ol' Kesas

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Indonesian volcano erupts.., Empty
BerichtOnderwerp: Indonesian volcano erupts..,   Indonesian volcano erupts.., Icon_minitimedo 28 sep 2017 - 3:28

Indonesian volcano erupts: Fears Bali’s Mount Agung could blow imminently as another volcano suddenly spews massive plumes of ash into the air

Indonesian volcano Mount Sinabung exploded on Wednesday afternoon
Eruption spewed plumes of ash 2.5km into the air over the island of Sumatra
A bigger eruption could be occur from Mount Agung on Bali within hours

More than 75,000 people living nearby have already fled their homes

Daily Mail, 27 September 2017

While attention is focused on the potential imminent eruption of Mount Agung in Bali, another deadly Indonesian volcano has dramatically exploded.

Mount Sinabung, in northern Sumatra, spewed plumes of ash 2.5km into the air as it erupted at 1.23pm local time on Wednesday.

Thousands of villagers were evacuated from around the mountain, the most active of the country's 130 active volcanoes, and warned to stay at least 7km away.

Authorities feared lava flows could cascade down the mountain and destroy homes, as has happened several times.
The volcano explodes so frequently, warning signs are permanently stationed around it warning against going near it.

Only last month another eruption rocked the area, blasting ash 4.2km into the air and causing pyroclastic flows many kilometres across surrounding countryside.

were killed in another eruption, with its death toll sitting at 20 in the past decade, including four high school students and their teacher on a school excursion.

Sinabung is located on the 'Ring of Fire', a volatile zone of seismic activity with hundreds of active volcanoes and 90 per cent of the world's earthquakes.

An even bigger eruption could be imminent 2,500km away in Bali where Mount Agung is on the highest alert level.


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Indonesian volcano erupts..,
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