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 Daughters celebrate 'Soeharto month' at TMII

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Daughters celebrate 'Soeharto month' at TMII Empty
BerichtOnderwerp: Daughters celebrate 'Soeharto month' at TMII   Daughters celebrate 'Soeharto month' at TMII Icon_minitimema 12 maa 2018 - 12:32

Daughters celebrate 'Soeharto month' at TMII

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta | Mon, March 12, 2018 | 06:44 am

Daughters celebrate 'Soeharto month' at TMII 177
Siti Hediati Hariyadi (left) and Siti Hutami Endang Adiningsih pose in front of large pictures of their father, former president Soeharto in an event called HM Soeharto Month. (Antara/Ubaidillah)

Former president Soeharto’s daughters, Siti Hediati Hariyadi, or Titiek Soeharto, and Siti Hutami Endang Adiningsih, or Mamiek Soeharto, attended the peak of an event called HM Soeharto Month in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in East Jakarta on Sunday.

March 11, 1966, was the day when the late Soeharto said he had received a letter signed by first president Sukarno to take the necessary measures to restore order. The letter, also called Supersemar, was the beginning of the New Order, or Soeharto’s 32-year authoritarian reign.

Titiek and Mamiek arrived wearing white polo shirts like all the other visitors to the event, reported. Some visitors also wore T-shirts with a picture of Soeharto and the words “The Nation’s Development Father”.

Their arrival was welcomed with a Ponorogo Reog dance and a choir from Trilogi University.

Titiek made a speech, suggesting the revival of the State Policy Guidelines (GBHN). “Apparently we need the GBHN, because if we don’t have any guidance, the state will go in the wrong direction. Each nation’s leader has their own guidelines; that’s why we need state guidelines,” she said as quoted by

Titiek said with the GBHN, the country had “stable politics, economic growth, and cultural development”.

The children of the late Soeharto have been making a visible comeback into the political arena. Another child, Hutomo Tommy Mandala Putra, or Tommy Soeharto, recently announced a new political party called Berkarya Party. (evi)
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Daughters celebrate 'Soeharto month' at TMII
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