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 Bali: Isle of Light - Tan Chung Lee

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Dit boek ligt bij De Slegte (ik heb het in Den Haag gekocht) voor 10 euro. Een mooi fotoboek dat de recente geschiedenis van het eiland (de terroristische aanslagen) voor de verandering niet overslaat.

Bali: Isle of Light - Tan Chung Lee 90808

An island of Hindu culture in Muslim Indonesia, Bali has enchanted explorers and inspired artists for hundreds of years. This album, illustrated with more than 200 color photographs, up to 20 x 9 inches, describes the island, its people, and its culture, characterized by a unique blend of ancient animism and Hinduism, as well as the modern tourist economy of spas and surfing. Among the images are temples and pagodas clinging to cliffs over the sea, the colorful shops of Kuta, terraced rice paddies where farmers work as they have for centuries, serenely beautiful spas with garden pools, scenes from an elaborate traditional wedding, and costumed dancers reenacting scenes from the Ramayana.

In this pictorial, evocative text and more than 200 colour photographs show off the Bali we all know and love. First published in 1998, this new edition includes chapters on the spa culture of the island and its remarkable recovery from the bombs of October 2002. Dimensions: 144 pages
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Bali: Isle of Light - Tan Chung Lee
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