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 Komodo Dragon Attack Leaves Two People in Hospital

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BerichtOnderwerp: Komodo Dragon Attack Leaves Two People in Hospital   Komodo Dragon Attack Leaves Two People in Hospital Icon_minitimewo 6 feb 2013 - 7:05

The Jakarta Globe, February 06, 2013,

Kupang. Two people are being treated at a Bali hospital after they were bitten by a Komodo dragon on Tuesday, at the Komodo National Park on Rinca Island, East Nusa Tenggara.

Ahmad Main, a forest police officer, was alone in an office at the park when a lizard found its way inside and attacked him. The 50-year-old, who was once bitten by a crocodile in 2009, panicked and jumped on a chair to shout for help, but the lizard grabbed his leg.

Usman Li, an employee at the national park, heard Ahmad's screams and managed to pull the two-meter long lizard off him. But as a result, the lizard attacked Usman, 35, biting his left leg.

The lizard finally left after several officers from the park managed to chase it away.

Ahmad received 41 stitches for wounds to his legs and Usman received 42 stitches.

Sustyo Iryono, head of the national park, told Suara Pembaran that Komodo dragons were very sensitive to movement and sounds.

He said the pair required intensive treatment and were taken to Sanglah Hospital in Bali.

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Komodo Dragon Attack Leaves Two People in Hospital
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