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 6 Types of People You Meet at Indonesian Wedding Party

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April 09, 2013 | by Awis Mranani
6 Types of People You Meet at Indonesian Wedding Party

1. People who come to the party with empty stomach and they are so ready to eat

This type of people believe that it is their right to eat every single food available at the party. So they would gorge themselves with foods. The thing is that if they can finish them, it’s fine. But most of the time, they can’t. They just take a bunch of food on their plate because they probably think they would run out of food if they didn’t take them as soon as possible.

My question is, why can’t they just take a little bit of food and then come back if they need more? And why take the sushi and the fresh shrimp salad if they’re not going to eat them? If satay and kambing guling are the dishes they like, why don’t they just stick to them?

2. Ladies who dress up like they’re the ones getting married.

Wedding party often becomes the spot for ladies to dress up. However, there are people who just don’t know when to stop adding more eyeliner and lipstick. The bride should have the most spectacular hair and make-up. Why would some of the guests overdress themselves to these parties? They are there to congratulate the groom and bride, not to compete with them.

3. People who think the wedding is just a wedding; they come in blue jeans and a t-shirt.

Disrespectful. That’s all I can say. It’s a party, and the host has put a lot of money, thoughts and energy to create the perfect party, so everyone can happily celebrate the joyful moment. Unfortunately, some people can be very inconsiderate; they come to the party so casually, they look like they’re going to the mall.

4. The best friends who know how to dress, how to behave and how to respect the host.

These are the people who would be wearing proper attire. For the ladies, they put effort for hair and make-up but just enough to look appropriately pretty. They’re not there to impress anyone with what they’re wearing, but they're there to actually celebrate the wedding. They come in on time and they go home after they get a chance to congratulate the couples and to say good-bye to them.

5. People who come to show things off to friends they meet at the party.

I work here. I make this much. My girlfriend is this. My boyfriend is that. I want to buy a car, which one do you think I should choose? I bought this dress/suit in Paris. I’m so tired I just got back from Europe for business. I can’t stay for long because I have a dinner meeting with clients. Hold on; let me take this phone call from my business partner. Too much information dude.

6. People who don’t know how to control their kids.

Teach your kids not to run around the wedding venue, please? It’s annoying, dangerous and unnecessary. And when they start crying, it’s a hint: It’s time to go home. Don’t ruin the party.

The Jakarta Globe

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6 Types of People You Meet at Indonesian Wedding Party
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