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 Railway officer fired for selling fake tickets

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ol' Kesas

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Railway officer fired for selling fake tickets  Empty
BerichtOnderwerp: Railway officer fired for selling fake tickets    Railway officer fired for selling fake tickets  Icon_minitimeza 27 dec 2014 - 21:38

The Jakarta Post, Semarang, Saturday December 27 2014

State-owned railway company PT Kereta Api’s Operational Region (Daop) IV has fired a ticket-counter worker for selling fake tickets from the official counter at Tawang Station in Semarang, Central Java.

“For the time being the sanction for such an illegal deed is dismissal,” PT KAI Daop IV spokesperson Suprapto said in Semarang on Friday.

The sales were revealed when a number of passengers were examined on Wednesday by railway police officers (Polsuska) who were suspicious that passengers were using fake tickets as they boarded a Sembrani train serving the Semarang–Surabaya route.

Further investigations revealed that the tickets were purchased from an official ticket counter at Tawang Station that was manned by the suspect.

“I think this is just a personal deed and did not involve a bigger syndicate,” Suprapto said, adding that such fraudulence could be committed by an individual, without the help of others.

The case, according to Suprapto, also proved that the online security system applied by the company had run well and succeeded in detecting misappropriation in the system.

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Railway officer fired for selling fake tickets
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