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 Heavy Rains Bring Floods to Kuta-Legian-Seminyak

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Heavy Rains Bring Floods to Kuta-Legian-Seminyak Empty
BerichtOnderwerp: Heavy Rains Bring Floods to Kuta-Legian-Seminyak   Heavy Rains Bring Floods to Kuta-Legian-Seminyak Icon_minitimema 12 jan 2009 - 19:41

Heavy Rains Bring Floods to Kuta-Legian-Seminyak
Weekend Rains in Bali Cause Evacuations as Homes and Businesses are Submerged by Flood Waters of More than 1 Meter.

(1/11/2009) Heavy rains covering much of Bali's southern regions that began on Saturday, January 10, 2009, have caused localized flooding in a number of areas, including Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. According to the Bali Post, several residential areas and up-markets commercial buildings were isolated and partially submerged by the flooding, with rubber boats used to evacuate local residents to higher ground.

The worst flooding was in areas surrounding the Tukad Mati river which overflowed its banks, affecting Jalan Dewi Sri. Jalan Nakula, Jalan Kresna, Jalan Sri Rama and portions of Jalan Sunset Road.

By mid-day on Sunday, January 11, 2009, flood waters of between 1-2.5 meters deep were still present in residential areas on Jalan Dewi Sri Gang Campuhan and Banjar Legian Tengah.

Evacuation efforts continued until Sunday afternoon, with many local residents complaining that rescue efforts were uncoordinated. A number of local homeowners remained stranded, while those evacuated were reportedly left to fend for themselves on open land near Jalan Sri Rama with little evidence of an organized relief effort for those left temporarily homeless by the floods.

On Jalan Nakula the flooding invaded the basement of the Bali View Apartment. Left behind in the flooded basement were 7 cars and 10 motorcycles. In the same area, a local business, Toko Kawan, also saw its basement under water. The owner of the business took the wise precaution of disconnecting the power supply to prevent any possible short circuit. Fortunately, vehicles stored in the basement of Toko Kawan were moved before flood waters inundated the basement area of that building.

Water levels of approximately 1 meter also surrounded the Village Chief's Office (Lurah) and the local LPM office, both in Legian.

Flooding also affected much of the Jalan Sunset Road with water levels reportedly rising to knee-level. The waters were blamed for a large number of stalled cars and motorcycles along that busy roadway that runs past the Carrefour complex.

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Heavy Rains Bring Floods to Kuta-Legian-Seminyak
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