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 7 injured when monkeys attack in Sulawesi

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7 injured when monkeys attack in Sulawesi  Empty
BerichtOnderwerp: 7 injured when monkeys attack in Sulawesi    7 injured when monkeys attack in Sulawesi  Icon_minitimewo 30 jan 2013 - 2:07

The Jakarta Post, Makassar, South Sulawesi Wed, January 30 2013,

Seven people were injured — one critically — when a troop of wild monkeys attacked residents of Toddang Pulu in Sidenreng Rappang, South Sulawesi.

The monkeys, which according to witnesses, numbered at least 10, reportedly emerged from Toddang Lowa forest, about seven kilometers from the village.

Sidenreng Rappang regency spokesperson Ambo Ella said the monkeys entered the village on Monday evening and started to attack; entering homes and causing panic.

Ambo denied that the animals were forced out of the forest after their natural habitat was damaged by local residents, saying that the To Lotang indigenous people in the regency still use the forest to hold their rituals.

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7 injured when monkeys attack in Sulawesi
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