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 A Tragic Death..,

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A Tragic Death.., Empty
BerichtOnderwerp: A Tragic Death..,   A Tragic Death.., Icon_minitimezo 3 feb 2013 - 18:32

Detik-News Monday, 04/02/2013

Slipping While Drawing Water, Mbah Marto Drowned In The Well

Yogyakarta - Marto Inangun (85), a resident of Hamlet Banaran RT18 RW 08 Demangrejo Village, District Sentolo, Kulonprogo died falling into a well. The victim allegedly slipped when fetching water.

The accident was first discovered owing to a pair of flip flops by the side of the well with the owner no-where in sight. But once someone looked into the well, the victim was seen floating in the water.

No one of her family members knew she had drowned, they were all in the middle of a field not far from her home.

No one dared to go into the well which had a depth of 10 meters. Residents woried if the well contained toxic gases. Residents then reported it to the Police Sentolo.

Police Sentolo then asked for help from Mako Brimob Sentolo Kulonprogo, DIY. Sentolo Mobile Brigade Deputy Commander then requested assistance from the National Search And Rescue Agency (Basarnas) Post Yogyakarta to help with the extraction process to get the body out of the well.

Not long after that Basarnas members from Yogyakarta arrived with equipment such as breathing apparatus. BriMob with members Basarnas went into well to retreave the deceased.

According Asbani, the evacuation lasted about an hour. After the deceased was successfully removed, officers from the Police Kulonprogo examined and identified the body.

"There were no suspicious signs of injury due to abuse . The victim slipped and fell while drawing water from the well next to her house. Victim was immediately taken by her family to be buried," he added.

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A Tragic Death..,
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