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 Three-day holiday in Bali for Nyepi

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BerichtOnderwerp: Three-day holiday in Bali for Nyepi   Three-day holiday in Bali for Nyepi Icon_minitimezo 10 maa 2013 - 9:09

The Jakarta Post, Denpasar Sun, March 10 2013,

Schools and institutions in Bali will have a three-day holiday, from Monday until Wednesday, to observe Nyepi Saka New Year 1935, which falls on Tuesday.

“Nyepi is a national holiday. But the Bali administration will allocate two more days to celebrate the holiday so that it’ll be easier for students and workers to conduct various Nyepi-related rituals,” said Bali administration spokesperson I Ketut Teneng in Denpasar on Sunday, as quoted by Antara news agency.

He said the three-day holiday was needed as on Monday morning, Hindus in Bali would perform a string of rituals, from Tawur Agung Kesanga to Pengrupukan and hold a Ogoh-ogoh carnival on the evening prior to Nyepi.

On Wednesday, Hindus will perform the Ngembak Geni ritual.

Ketut Teneng said the three-day holiday was part of the government’s policy to allocate 21 weekdays as holidays for Balinese people as they might need them to conduct various Hindu rituals. In 2013, people in Bali will also enjoy 14 national holidays and five days of joint leave known as “cuti bersama”.

“The local holidays in Bali aim to allow Hindus to perform various religious rituals and prayers properly,” he said.

Provincial and regency and municipality-level administrations in Bali will not issue special permits for vehicles to commute during Nyepi. Special permits will only be issued by customary villages for people who need to go to the hospital for medical treatment or to give birth. Government institutions. such as hospitals, the Fire Department and state-owned power company PLN, and hotels must make sure that their employees are ready at their workplaces one day before and after the Nyepi holiday.

The rituals are based on the four principles that Hindus must observe during the Day of Silence. These include “amati geni” or refraining from lighting fire or using lights; “amati lelungan” or not leaving their homes; “amati karya” or not doing any activity; and “amati lelanguan” or refraining from indulgences.

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Three-day holiday in Bali for Nyepi
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