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 After Kalijodo, Alexis Hotel May Be Next: North Jakarta Mayor

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ol' Kesas

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After Kalijodo, Alexis Hotel May Be Next: North Jakarta Mayor Empty
BerichtOnderwerp: After Kalijodo, Alexis Hotel May Be Next: North Jakarta Mayor   After Kalijodo, Alexis Hotel May Be Next: North Jakarta Mayor Icon_minitimedi 1 maa 2016 - 12:10

The Jakarta Globe, March 2 2016

Jakarta. Following the demolition of most of the Kalijodo red-light district on Monday (29/02), the North Jakarta administration has now set its sights on the Alexis Hotel, an adult entertainment venue in the northern part of the capital.

The hotel, which describes itself on its official website as a "dreamland for men," is located in the Ancol area of North Jakarta.

North Jakarta Mayor Rustam Effendi said on Monday that while the hotel does appear to have operating and entertainment licenses, the administration has never issued any permits for the practice of prostitution at any premises in Jakarta. The mayor added that he would coordinate with the police and the Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office to investigate the matter further.

"A license for the practicing of prostitution is not available, but hotel and entertainment licenses are, despite [any possible] abuses," Rustam said.

However, he said authorities would first seek evidence of any illegal activities at the hotel before action would be taken.

"If it is proven [that prostitution is practiced on the premises], then the police and the Tourism Office may take action against the establishment," Rustam said.

On Monday, authorities proceeded with the plan to demolish all the buildings in Kalijodo and debris is now all that remains of the area that was once home to around 300 households. Even a mosque and a church that were located in the street have been demolished without any resistance. A large number of police and military personnel were on standby at the site to prevent any potential protests by residents who are unhappy with the government's actions.

Besides the Alexis Hotel and other entertainment venues, the North Jakarta administration also plans to take similar actions in Rawa Malang located in the Cilincing district. The area is allegedly also a prostitution hotspot.

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After Kalijodo, Alexis Hotel May Be Next: North Jakarta Mayor
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